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in iraq. president obama will meet with area students today.he's expected to arrive at parkville middle and center of technology later this morning. morning.megan giililand is live from the school with more on what the president is expected to say. say.good morning patrice, president obama is expected to talk about the importance in investing in education to prepare our kids to be competitive prepare our kids education to investing in importance in about the expected to talk president obama is patrice,good morning the president is expected to arrive at 10:15.we will have live coverage, stay with us. live in parkville, megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. today.. president 3 3 choices. 3 choices.some tough willing to make some tough choices. 3 3 today.. president obama will also submit a 3-trillion dollar proposed budget for 2012.the plan promises a 1-trillion dollar budget reduction over the next decade.. by freezing many domestic programs for five years.. trimming military spending and limiting tax deductions for the wealthy.the president's budget director says the spending package sho
? change we can believe in. in his first foreign policy crisis, did president obama lead his team or was it better to watch than not control? or did he have a hidden hand? and finally, calling jeb bush. why republicans pining for this guy. is it a problem with mitt? i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. with us today, new york magazine's john heilemann. gloria borger from cnn. "the washington post's" anne kornblut and "washington post" david ignatius. the revolution that overthrew hosni mubarak was a victory for democracy and in many ways for the obama administration in its first foreign policy crisis. the president talked about the historic change. >> there are very few moments in our lives where we have the privilege to witness history taking place. this is one of those moments. this is one of those times. the people of ejent have spoken. -- eegypt have spoken. their voices have been heard and egypt will never be the same. chris: david, this is very tricky for the president, wasn't it? this whole episode. >> the president faced a delicate problem. starting two weeks ago which
it. >>> getting more republican reaction to the obama administration's handling of the egyptian crisis. speaker john boehner said the white house dealt with ton rest as best it could. >> egypt's been a strong ally 0 the united states for 30 years and this is clearly a very complex situation. but when people are crying out for freedom, when they're crying out for democracy, i think our country has a responsibility to listen. >> and do you think president obama did it efficiently, effectively? >> i think they have handled a difficult situation about as well as it could be handled. >> senator john mccain said the united states should have anticipated what happened in egypt. >> we should have seen this coming when the egyptian government failed to move forward with a process of demott riization. >> some of the harshest criticism of former governor of minnesota pawlenty hoping to run against president obama in 2012 slamming the administration for a quote nearly incoherent response. >> what should president obama have said to the protesters? what would you have done with the first ins
with ce cenk uyger. >>> president obama's budget cuts go towards the right. did the right give him any credit for it? what do you think? here's what he got for his effo efforts. nothing. tens of thousands of protesters march in the streets s os of t as tear gas is used on them. i'm going to debate tonight on the social revolution in iraq opinion plus, exposing a huge divide in the republican party. they're booing and hollering at each other. and ron fall is driving the accomplishment crazy. who's right and who's wrong? an explosive associated press speci special. an investigation shows dead detainees with zero accountability. a reporter reveals all the details tonight. now today, president obama rolled out hids nes nearly $4 trillion budget. it axes $1 trillion in programs for the next ten years. let's look at the numbers. he has cut $200 billion over the next two years. $200 billion in saving s. that's got to do it, right? that's a huge amount to cut. let's do math. i like math on this program. as you remember, nay just had an $858 billion in tax cuts over the next two years. when yo
burglary goes bad. we will have a live report. >> the budget battle, president obama's spending plan as big cuts, but critics want more. >> ♪ >> major upsets on music's biggest night. good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is 6:00 on this monday, february 14, valentine's day. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. good morning. i hope you had a good weekend. happy valentine's day. traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has been the forecast, but it will be like spring by the end of the weekend. >> it's going to be a warm week. there will be a few ups and downs. there's a wind advisory in effect today because there could be gusts up to 55 miles an hour. wind out of the south right now. now 47 at4 and it's reagan national downtown. 46 in gaithersburg, 49 in martinsburg. 46 in culpeper. 50 degrees in fredericksburg. well into the 50's for high temperatures today. los 60's down south of the metro area. wind advisory until 10:00 p.m. in the 20's tonight. wind chills in the
of the revolution in egypt. tonight what you need to know about how the right plans to run against president obama. if this is the starting lineup i can only imagine what characters they have sitting on the bench. today the unrest erupted in yemen and bahrain and iran. there's no footage, of course, because they won't allow it but our producer reports thousands have gathered and fought with security forces in tehran. could we be witnessing the start of a new iranian revolution and you might even end up having a republic over there. obama presents his budget. is what he showed us and the republicans today a lure, a first attempt to bring both sides together and cut the debt? and glenn beck may be losing it. what else can you say when he say the communists are behind the egyptian revolution. and the islamists are trying to infiltrate the american right-wing. let's begin with the right-wing jamboree called cpac. the washington bureau chief for mother jones and msnbc political analyst and josh marshall is founder of talking points memo. here's a taste of what we heard at cpac didn't interesting things
. >> the budget battle, president obama's spending plan as big cuts, but critics want more. >> later, major upsets on music pose the biggest night. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. happy valentine's day. thanks for joining us. we will have much more of the breaking news that we are following this morning. let's give started with traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> lisa baden in a moment. we're starting with meteorologist adam caskey. i love the numbers today. be very windy to today. still breezy tomorrow. pretty breezy through the extended forecast. the wind is going to affect temperatures. a san downs this week. but more u thanp down. 46 in alexandria. 46 in mitchellville. 44 in rockville and 46 installing. the wind will accelerate through the morning. wind advisory through the dead until 10:00 p.m. some gusts as high as 50 and maybe 55 miles an hour with temperatures approaching 50 degrees today. a little busier --breezy. >>> a nice sp
secretary and how the point of jay carney change president obama's messaging robert gibbs is probably sleeping in about now. happy valentine's day, chuck. >> i have my red tie on. i saw the budget going from the new executive office building on my way in. you can see it wrapped in the palettes of that crazy stuff. also governor hayley barber is running for president. wait until you see this interview. reports that popular energy drinks may pose serious health risks to young adults didn't see that coming. we will get to the president's budget just released. it's a plan for the nation to live within its means while investing in the future with targeted spending. >> it's the beginning of a battle of $3.7 trillion and reducing the deficit by 1.1 trillion over 10 years. 2/3 is from spending cuts and 1/3 from tax increases. obama's budget slashes $100 billion from summer school grants to the college pell grant system in order to continue funding other parts of the pell program. $78 billion in defense cuts and decreases in low income heating assistance by 50% and caps on itemized deductions
obama will talk about the budget this morning during his visit to the parkville middle school. emily schmidt is in washington with details. >> reporter: the white house says the three and a half trillion dollar budget it delivered to congress begins to do what american families much do -- must do live within their means. >> it freezes annual domestic spending for the next five years. even on programs i care about which will reduce the deaf set by more than 400 billion dollars over the next decade. >> reporter: president obama says his budget saves more than a trillion dollars over the next 10 years. 2/3 from cuds, 1/3 from -- cuts 1/3 from tax increases. it would shave home heating assistance, money for clean water and defense spending. and the budget director says they are painful decisions. >> it's important to note we are beyond the easy low hanging fruit. >> reporter: but more money go to ha today high speed rail and new education programs. republicans say that cannot work. >> it looks like to me that it's going to be a very small on spending discipline and a lot of new spending
continue to grow while domestic spending is going to be flat over the next 5-10 years under president obama's budget. there was a much ballyhooed announcement they were cutting $70 billion over the next five years at the pentagon. but in fact, that was a reduction from a previous projections for growth. so, the total amount -- which is a famous budget tricky here in washington -- so the total amount will continue to increase. i think as we discussed earlier, the major programs are continuing on. some of them slightly scaled back but the budget is still projecting a second engine for the f-35 although the president opposes that. congress continues to spend on that. it should be noted the factory where it will be billed is next to john vander's district in ohio. and at other military programs. where there may be reductions in military spending may be supplemental authorization as we wind down the wars in iraq and afghanistan, presuming the political situation in those countries go well. the caller mentioned nasa. nasa was slated for cuts in the house republican plans, along with a lot of scie
monday, february 14th 3 3 3 3 president obama will meet with area students today.he's expected to arrive at parkville middle and center of technology later this morning. morning.megan gilliland is live from the school with more on what the president is eepected to say. say.good morning patrice, president obama is expected to talk about the importance in investing in education to prepare our kids to be commetitive in the world. world. in his state of the union address, the president called for new investments to prepapre 100-thousand new math and science teachers over the next 10 years.he's making drastic cuts to allow for more spending in education, technology, and basic infrastructure. obama says: "at stake is whether new jobs and industries take root in this country, or somewhere else. it's whether the hard work and industry of our people is rewar" rewarded."parkville middle and penter of technology is a stem school, meaning it focuses on science, technology, engineering and math. skills the president says will help win the future.during his time here today, the president wil
obama, just made a big trip there last fall on bush's foreign policy emphasis on building a new and substantively new relationship with india, and really after the enormous disappointments of a long term u.s. strategic partnership with pakistan, this is not a new recommendation. we had a partnership with pakistan, but it failed in some respects. i definitely want to get back to that, and then, of course, your third area you look at which is iran, iraq, the destablization caused by the u.s. invasion of iraq and your recommendation that ultimately we're going to have to find a mixing in china moment here where no matter how it seems, we come to some kind of different accommodation where even perhaps a new alliance with iran, so let's take those three with israel and palestine first. >> guest: we are committed to the survival of israel. that's not an issue. if iran were to develop nuclear weapons which the israelis say is 35 years out, that's a different issue. in 1973-74, it was. at that time we gave $3 billion in aide which was 25% of gdp, which today is 1.5% of gdp. the relation
obama as his motorcade step 5. his destination was this a great environmental science class of parkville middle school. -- this 8th grade science class. he went to get look at the science technology engineering and math programs. >> to been to start out by taking class's in each of four subjects from applied engineering to environmental science gradually focusing on one subject over the next couple of years. >> the president says he wants to model the programs like the one here at parkville across the nation. that is welcome news where the county school superintendent. >> this validates when we have been doing here in the baltimore county with regards to paring -- preparing students in stem education. >> first of all, the kids say hi. michelle says hi. happy valentine's day. have you guys been exchanging valentines? >> 6:00, more from the president and from some of the student team met today. by that parkville middle school, tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the president is calling for a 20 toller billion increase in education funding. -- $20 billion increase. republicans pounced calling
president obama talks about the budget and education. we will also have reaction from the pentagon, the white house budget office, and members of congress. on tuesday, the house is expected to start debate on a bill that proposes a broad reductions in fiscal year 2011 spending levels possible vote later in the week. live health coverage on c-span. tomorrow on c-span3, a hearing on public employee pensions and state financial problems. our live coverage starts at 4:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. >> we are focused with the threat is. our goal is to protect whatever consumers or employees use. >> monday, cyber security on the communicator's on c-span2. >> not a look at the week ahead for the president and congress. this is just under an hour. "washington journal" continues. host: our sunday round table, welcome back. let's begin with c-pac conference which wrapped up yesterday. coming in first in the non- binding straw poll again this year, texas commerce ron paul getting 30%. what do you read into those numbers? guest: ron paul has proved to be pretty popular. this group -- the tracks c
to the budget laid out by president obama. first impressions from the gop house members are that the budget cuts don't go deep enough. >>> that does it for us. happy valentine's day. we'll see you back here tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. eastern. now over to suzanne malveaux. >>> i'm suzanne malveaux. we want to get you caught up on valentine's day. happy valentine's day to you, february 14th. >>> president obama sent congress his budget plan for 2012 and it calls for spending $3.7 trillion. the white house says the blueprint, this draft, will cut the deficit more than $1 trillion over the next decade. >> when i was sworn in as president, i pledged to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term. the budget i'm proposing today meets that pledge and puts us on a path to pay for what we spend by the middle of the decade. we do this in part by eliminating waste and cutting whatever spending we can do without. as i start, i've called for a freeze on annual domestic spending over the next five years. >> republicans immediately complain that the president is spending too much and cutting too little. bud
of president obama's new budget blueprint for 1212. it includes billions of dollars of spending cuts, airports, heat subsidies for the poor, water treatment plants, pell grants for higher education, some of the targets, and we're taking a hard look at budget and how both parties are dodging the biggest most painful cuts, despite all of those i just mentioned. let's bring in our white house correspondent dan lothian. the bottom line is despite all of those cuts critics are pouncing. >> reporter: they really are. i should say, first of all, from the president on down and other aides at the white house, they do say there is a lot of pain in this budget, that they did have to make some tough choices, but democrats think that it went too far. some republicans say that it didn't go far enough, especially when it comes to tackling the massive federal deficit. president obama's own debt commission laid out an ominous assessment last year warning of fiscal cancer without drastic surgery on the federal deficit. >> it's going to destroy our country from within. the problem is real. the solutions are pain
was released upon his own personal recognizance. a battle is brewing on capitol hill. tomorrow, president obama will send congress a session with several proposals. some republicans are positioning themselves for a fight. they say, if it does not go far enough, they may shut down the federal government. >> at least a handful of republicans are making headlines by raising the possibility of a government shutdown -- fails to agree to spending cuts. and taking to the sunday talk shows -- >> this is a very difficult budget. over one trillion dollars in domestic spending over the years. >> we have a very deep problem facing us. >> the white house budget director is selling a budget plan. that will be the focus of congress for months to come. >> republicans will say this is not enough. the president is cut -- is talking about cutting $1 trillion over several years. others want $4 trillion. >> they want to spend more on education, high-speed rail, and a new economy jobs. to pay for that, a pay freeze. they will cut potential tax increases. the white house claims that they will have a $400 billion savi
. president obama making his visit today. and he will talk about science and technology and we are connected all the time and we are looking for a connection and talk about the wind pushing 30 to 40 miles per hour that will help get us to the two degree guaranteed high of 57. now to work and out the door with kim brown. >> reporter: you can expect president obama's visit to expect traffic on the inner loop between 95 and harford road after 8:30 this morning. expect to see closures and detours posted because of the president's visit. plan your trip accordingly. looking live at cameras, no problems on 50 and 97. we have reports of some downed power lines up in reisterstown and we are working a pair of accidents in downtown baltimore. i will bring you up to speed about those in a few moments. now back to you. >>> president barack obama will discuss a three trillion proposed spending package for 2012 and this includes education and abc2 news sherrie johnson joins us live with what we are focusing on today. >> reporter: yes, we are standing by live here where in few momentse hours, president obam
for the names of thousands of illegal aliens living in the county. >>> president obama is heading up i-95 to baltimore county tomorrow to talk about money and education. the president, education secretary, ernie duncan and jack lew will head to parkville middle school. that school has a focus on science and math. the president wants to cut other programs to increase education spending. >>> and right here at home president obama is getting ready to unveil his 2012 budget. the goal to cut the deficit by $1.3 trillion in the next 10 years. that includes cutting some programs the president supports. some republicans aren't convinced he's going stick to the script, and house speaker john boehner found 150 economists to sign a letter calling for spending cuts immediately should. if it's what these early press reports show, it shows that he's advocating leadership on that point. i'm hoping that's not the case that we can get this debt going down, but it looks like the debt is going to continue rising under this budget. >> they got here and some of the wiser heads said, whoa, you know, if you sta
in the national spotlight courtesy of a visit from president obama. >> the president will come to parkville middle school. this is one of the budget parted he will lay off today as he presents his budget proposal to congress. the president stressed the need to invest in education. be at thisn will afternoon's presidential appearance and will provide a full report and noon and 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. you can watch the president on our website, >> education is one battle line. tracie potts has more from washington. budgetident obama's new plans to reduce the deficit just over one trillion dollars by limiting tax breaks for the wealthy. >> this budget asks washington to live within its means while investing in our future. >> he wants to spend more on energy and infrastructure. more programs for college but not before the summer. >> we're doing what every family does well sitting around the kitchen table. >> there are cuts in medicare. less government help for people who cannot pay their heating bills. fewer community block grants. >> no matter how popular these programs are, they have mor
school in parkville. president barack obama will be at parkville middle to talk about the importance in investing in education to prepare our kids to be competitive in the world. world. this is a live look at the school as preparations are made for the president's his state of the union address, the president called for new investments to prepapre 100- thousand new math and science teachers over the next 10 years.he's making budget cuts... but wants to expand spending in education, technology, and basic infrastructure. obama says: "we can't win the future with a government of the past. the world has changed, the competition for jobs is real. but this shouldn't discourage us, it should challenge us. us.parkville middle and center of technology is a stem school, meaning it focuses on science, technology, engineering and math. skills the president says will help win the future.during his time in parkville, the president will also visit a classroom laboratory. today's visit to parkville comes on the same day the president submits his 3- trillion dollar proposed budget
eyes are on this school. on the day he rolled out his budget blueprint, president obama chooses baltimore county as the backdrop for the key in education. >> right now this school, parkville, is preparing kids for the jobs of the 21st century, a school that nurtures what students are passionate about and prepares them for success. >>reporter: the president, along with education secretary, sees the school as the perfect example of what other schools should focus on to compete in a global economy. >> i'm told the most popular subject at this school is engineering. that's important because today the most common educational background for america's top business leaders is not economics, not finance or even business. it's engineering. >>reporter: in the days ahead the president will take what he learned today to persuade lawmakers to pass his budget plan. the president's budget eliminates 200 federal programs. today the president said the country will try to live within its means like so many american families are. >> we're going to have to get serious about cutting back on those thi
. >> baltimore becomes the backdrop for a key issue on president obama's agenda. good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. that is our big story this afternoon. investigating -- investing in america's education system, a big theme, and maryland is in the national spotlight, as president obama visit a school that he says it showcases the need for continued investment. tim tooten has more on the presidential visit. >> the president's visit to parksville was as much political as it was educational. mr. obama arrived at parkville middle school at 10:00 this morning. he had been planning this for some time it is visit to the school was short and sweet, lasting less than one hour. he stopped by an eighth grade science classroom. the white house says that the president pick to the school as the kind of school and program that the country needs to invest in. >> students in the magnet program here start out by taking courses in each of four subjects, from applied engineering to environmental science, gradually focusing their studies on one subject over the next couple of years. visit is partnt's of a bro
. president obama planning to release a spending plan on education, research, the proposal setting the stage for a showdown between the obama administration and house republicans. budget committee chairman paul ryan appearing this morning on fox news sunday saying the g.o.p. will not be stepping down. >> congress right now wants to bring spending down below where president obama wants to take it and we're going to have to negotiate. >> all of this as republicans are fighting to cut 100 billion dollars out of the current budget. our steve centanni is live in washington, steve. >> harris, jumping on the budget cutting band wagon president obama unveiled a 2012 budget that aims to reduce the budget 1.1 trillion dollars over a decade. now, in spite of a wide range of cuts, some republicans worry about the president's plan for new spending on education, infrastructure, and high technology. >> if he's talking about coming and having new spending, the so-called investment that's not where we're going. the great debate in congress, which is refreshing, debating how much to decrease spending, not inc
, this is special reports. >> president obama unveiled a $3.75 trillion budget he is billing as tough choices and sacrifices. republicans are calling it a timid. carl cameron has reaction from capitol hill but we begin with mikepa manual on the budget rollout. >> president obama's visited baltimore middle school to highlight the budget, more spending on education, also on transportation and infrastructure while trying to get a handle on expenses elsewhere. >> the only way we can make investments in our future, the government has to live within its evens. we need to take responsibility for our deficits. >> the budget unveiled today projects a deficit of $1.1 trillion in 2012 and would not stabilize the deficit until 2017. it does aim to reduce the deficit by one trillion dollars and five-year freeze on non-discretionary programs. >> still has as we cut waste and inefficiency, it will require tough choices. >> reporter: it does address looming en titles social security and medicaid. >> one thing the budget doesn't do make tough choices. it's hard to see if it makes any tough choices and more. >
of a potentially invigorated new alliance with of course president obama just made a trip there last fall. this falls on actually bush's foreign policy emphasis on building a new and substantively different kind of relationship with india and really after the enormous disappointment of a long-term u.s. strategic partnership with pakistan this isn't a new recommendation. we had a partnership with pakistan that seems to have failed in some respects. i definitely want to get back and then your third area that you look at which is iran, iraq, the destabilization caused by the u.s. invasion of iraq and the recommendation you have to find a mixing in china moment where no matter how unpalatable it may seem we come to some different a combination or perhaps new kind of alliance with iran. israel and palestine first. >> guest: we are committed to the survivalist is real tough -- israel. the weapons that israel say rf3 to five years out, that's another issue but under the current circumstance, the issue is not the survival of israel. in 1973, 74, it was the relationship itself, the foundation is i
czar for the obama administration steven rattner joins us this morning. we had a busy weekend, steve and i. >> yes, you and steve were jet setting -- >> yes. my husband and i took the kids to see "spider-man." it was squarery. if they tighten it, lit be a hit. it was oversensitizing. didn't i walk into the party trembling? >> what made me tremble was watching "meet the press" and congressman schilling, he seems like a nice guy. >> exceedingly nice. >> very nice family man. >> great story, great small business owner. here is the deal, mika. if i'm looking for a doctor and i know i've got cancer, a tumor the size of a grapefruit. >> that's bad. >> i go to the doctor. i have this grapefruit-sized tumor. and we talk. he says, yeah, i'll take it out. then i'll give you my first check as if it was a fee for services for health care. he says, i don't know whether i'm going to cut on you, but i do notice you've got a little rational over here. let me give you some creams and appointment. it's fairly obvious, we've got a tumor, this country. our condition, it's pretty easily diagnosed. raise
council putting out obama propaganda. they were using artists to go out in the community and then we had the proof and then he resigned and it kind of went away. that is happening again, but in a different way. tonight we'll explain. after all the talk of the regular average jeffersonian egyptian that had enough of mubarak, after all the networks just cheered and clapped at the blossoming democracy, after the media led you to believe this is a spontaneous uprising, today egypt is waking up under military rule. so far the military has zofld the parliament and suspended the constitution. plus military and police officials are clearing out the remaining protestors in cairo's tarir square and putting a ban on all strikes and ban on all strikes. you don't think the unions are involved? tell me media how do you think the average egyptian feels to be free today? i'm not saying getting rid of mubarak was a bad thing. he had an abysmal human rights record but this slogan as we should have found out before, the slogan of barack obama now being used all over the world doesn't really mean anything.
. have a great day. neil cavuto forget roses. president obama delivering a $3.7 billion budget to congress on valentine's day and now the thorns. welcome, everyone, i am here for neil cavuto in "your world." $3.7 trillion in spending for next year, a record $1.65 trillion deficit for this year. president obama saying the budget is a downpayment on getting things under control. republicans saying, this plan is out-of-control. too much spending. too much taxing. not enough cutting. my next guest says the american people have had enough. and david walker from come back america initiative is the former u.s. comp creole -- comptroller general. are you sure if americans had their budget cut by $1 trillion would they like it? >> no but they have not been prepared by their leadership with the fact that if we don't make tough choices in installments, our future is not going to be as good as our past. >> to you think president obama is making a political calculation, i can't go after social security and medicare because the voters will not stand it and i will wait for the republicans to
president obama unveiled his proposed federal budget for the 2012 fiscal year which begins october 1st. the president outlined his plan this morning. a school in maryland where he had mixed news about education funding. primary education and training more teachers but cuts to help low-end students to attend congress. the total $3.73 trillion, more than 200 programs cut or eliminated and the budget aims to reduce the current record $1.6 trillion deficit by $1.1 trillion over the next 10 years. two-thirds would come from spending cuts, one-third from tax increases on wealthier americans. >> as a start, i've called for a freeze on annual domestic spending over the next five years. this freeze would cut the deficit by more $400 billion over the next decade. budget freeze will require tough choices. it will mean cutting things that i care deeply about, for example, community action programs and low-income neighbors and towns and community development block grants that so many of our cities and states rely on. >> and joining me now, cnbc's chief washington correspondent, john harwood. as i m
de indocumentados, propuesta por el presidente obama >>> esta iniciativa parte de qun obama no está haciendo lo suficiente, cuando sabemos que o de la iniciativa del dream act, cambió de posiciónciero notio uo y esto fue para buscar la simpatía del tea party ciero unn soluciones, lo único que ofrece es más política, y propuestas ti para castigarnos más como noticiero univisionnoticiero uno >>> entre los puntos principales de su iniciativa presentada hoy, la libertad bajo palabra, y el aplazamiento de deportación de los indocumentados, se discuta caso por caso también, condicionó el pago federal de millones de dólares por el encarcelamiento de millones de indocumentados asegura la cooperación entre policía y el servicio de inmigración >>> es darle poder a la policía para que pida papeles >>> requiere un sistema de salida con registro del país además de un reporte anual sobre los costos de servicios noticiero univisionnoticiero uns en los Ángeles, univisión >>> arizona y sus legisladores, los hospitales y los inmigrantes que hay la medida obligaria a los hospciero e
elections. >>> budget showdown. president obama proposes a plan to slash the deficit but republicans say it's not enough. and grammy gold. who were the big winners on recording city's biggest night? those stories and more are straight ahead. good morning, everyone. i'm lynn berry and this is "first look" on msnbc. >>> we begin this morning with a new path in egypt. following weeks of protest that brought down the reign of the now former president hosni mubarak, egyptians are looking to the future with a cautious optimi optimism. egypt's military is in control and made sweeping changes so far welcomed by prodemocracy protesters. military leaders have imposed marshal law, dissolved the parliament and suspended the constitution saying it will be in charge only until elections are held which could take place as soon as six months from now. meanwhile, normalcy is starting to move to cairo. they began to tear down tents in the square despite resistance of protesters who want to stay. >>> lawmakers are shifting their focus to a showdown over president obama's proposed 2012 budget. the president de
was accidental. >>> president obama has sent his 2012 budget proposal to congress. the white house says that the plan cuts the deficit by $1.1 trillion over the next ten years. republican critics say the spending blueprint does not go far enough. joe brown has more from the white house. >> reporter: president obama's $3 trillion spending plan arrived on capital hill this morning. republicans say it doesn't go far enough. >> it's a continuation of as your chairman said a budget that unfortunately spends a bit too much, taxes too much, and borrows too much again. >> reporter: the obama administration believes it can achieve 2/3 of its savings with a free on nondiscretionary spending. and cuts $80 billion from the pentagon budget and cuts $100 billion from pell grants and college loans. >> it will mean cutting things i care deeply about. if we're going to walk the walk, these cuts will be necessary. >> reporter: but the president is also proposing spending increases such as on education which is why i visited a baltimore school today. they want deeper cuts here on capitol hill. >> you have
political change as the country heads towards re-election 37. >>> budget showdown. president obama proposes a plan to slash the definite is the by more than a trillion dollars. but republicans say it's pot enough. >>> and grammy gold. who were the big winners on the recording industry's biggest who were the big winners on the recording industry's biggest night? captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> that lowe and good morning. today we begin with a new path in egypt. following weeks of protests that brought down the regime of now former president hosni mubarak, egyptians are looking to the future with a cautious optimism. egypt's army is now firmly in control and has made sweeping changes that have been so far welcomed by pro democracy protestors. military leaders have imposed martial law, dissolved the parliament and suspended the constitution. the army says it will be in charge only until elections are held, which could take place as soon as six months from now. meanwhile, normalcy is starting to return to cairo. military police moved into reopen tahrir square to traffic. and i
work...keep it up." up." president obama in baltimore county. why he says spending more money on education now will benefit us all in the future. -------------------------------- ---------------- -------------------------------- --------------- and the 53rd annual grammy's. grammy's. ---singing--- ---singing--- from an aretha franklin lady gaga in an egg. more memorable performances and the singer who slipped and fell on the stage. helllo... i'm... jeff b. barnd. and i'm jennifer gilbert. the murder trial of a baltimore community leader accused of killing his pregnant wife is underway. underway. keith daniels.../ live.../ at... mitchell courthouse .../// ...///ááwhereáá...// the... jury's.../ been seated...//// ááandáá.../ testimony.../ is... set to.../ begin. 3 2--men.../ are... stabbed at.../ a... gas station.../ in... northwest .../ baltimore. baltimore. áájustáá... before...// 11 a-m .../ on... liberty heights.../ and... gwynn oak.../ avenues...//. áátheyáá.../ were... s
the middle east in light of what's happened in egypt? and back home, president obama hosted the trio of house republican leaders for lunch at the white house wednesday. the common theme, finding some areas for potential compromise. >> it was a very good lunch. we were able to find enough common ground, i think, to show the american people that we're willing to work on their behalf and willing to do it together. >> but with the president's budget being released tomorrow, will both sides be able to work together on some issues, even as battle lines over spending and the deficit take center stage. >> joining me now, the speaker of the house, representative john boehner of ohio. mr. speaker, welcome back to "meet the press." >> david, good to be with you. >> i want to talk about egypt. this is a developing story. you heard rick santorum, former senator, might run for president, voicing the view that we were hasty and the united states walked away from a stalwart ally and we don't know what the consequences will be. is that your view? >> egypt has been a strong ally of the united states for the la
but if court has ordered he cannot complete financial transactions more than $1,000. >>> and obama visits an area school to push his the budget agenda. >> reporter: president obama put parkville middle in the spotlight today as he unveiled his $3.7 million spending plan. >> reporter: the presidential motorcade arrived at parkville middle the center of technology just before 11:00. soon after, president obama appeared in a classroom giving a 90 minute speech. >> right now this school, parkville is preparing our kids for the jobs and careers of the 21st century. >> reporter: the president saw firsthand how the school is doing just that. >> so do you guys do a lot of group projects like this? >> reporter: parkville middle school is an constitution that focuses on science, technology, engineer and math. >> i'm told the most popular subject at this school is engineering. that's important because today the most common educational background for america's top business leaders isn't economics, it's not finance. it's not even business. it's engineering. >> reporter: in the days ahead, president o
cuts. and president obama is expected to do the same monday. joining us now the g.o.p.'s point man in the debate, house budget committee chairman paul ryan, who comes to us from his home state of wisconsin. congressman, as we say, president obama presents his budget for 2012 tomorrow. and he reportedly is going to offer a plan that would cut the deficit, his aides say by $1 trillion over the next decade. the key features a 5-year freeze on spending and some considerable tax increases on the wealthy. from what you have heard, what do you think of the president's plan? >> it sounds like the the similar budgets that he has been giving us last couple of years. last year he gave us a 2 trillion-dollar tax increase. he got $700 billion of those tax increases enacted mostly through his health care law. it looks like he is coming back for another 1.3 trillion tax increases. freeze off extremely high base. they blew spending out the gates in the last two years. 24% increase in domestic discretionary spending when you throw stem stimulus on top 84% increase. freeze a few years off those high
.65 trillion this year. so that in mind, president obama says his new plan will shave more than $1 trillion from the deficit over the next decade. now, two-thirds of his goal would be accomplished with spending cuts and a five-year freeze on many domestic programs. the other one-third of the savings would come from tax increases. that would include limits on tax deductions for the wealthy. so here's some of the major cuts in the budget. discretionary spending which includes dozens of federal programs. that's going to be slashed by about $400 billion. also, pell grants for needy college students will be cut by $100 billion over the next ten years. and then richard, defense spending. that would be decreased by $78 billion. also headed for the chopping block, heating assistance for the poor. also, money for water treatment plants. and then airport grants as well. now, richard, not address in the president's plan or any republican proposal for that matter, tackling social security, also medicare. and then other entitlements, richard, which make up about 60% of the federal budget, richard. >> ye
he treats women and the way women are treated in italian society. >>> president barack obama unveils his any federal budget tomorrow. most of the details are still under wraps, but the white house says it will cut deficits by $1.1 thrill onover the next ten years. he plans a five-year freeze on nonsecurity discretionary spending for a savings of $400 billion. he 'also proposing $100 billion in cuts to the pell grant program. we have the full story straight ahead. >>> the head of a grocery store change in the western united states has resigned after being arrested on child prostitution charges. he was ceo of sunflower farmers' market and founded wild oats market which was later sold to whole foods. he's accused of soliciting sexy a girl who identified herself as a minor. police say he drove to a phoenix hotel to have sex. the ultimate buzz killer just hit hugh hefner's playboy mansion. the health department is investigating if the mansion is linked to the illnesses of about 100 people symptoms included fever, violent headaches, and breathing problems. some of the sick have already bee
to a force obama care -- to enforce obama care. those of you know me know that i am not easily satisfied. there is the position i have taken. >> ready? >> solutions waiting for a problem. so in december, when it became clear, when the c.r. was tasked to fund the government, we must not only shut off all funding for obama care for the rest of this fiscal year, but we should follow the model of the funding that shut off the four -- what shut off the funding for the vietnam war. that is there, and it exists in other scenarios, as well. notwithstanding any other section of law, all funds that have been heretofore appropriated, and obama care automatically appropriates as well as of the rises, we can shut those ofcom and if we do not come obama in here will become a growing malignant tumor -- we can shut those off, and if we do not, obama care will become a growing megan touma wrote -- malignant tumor. shutting off all funding that has been put in the pipeline for the funding of obama care must be done. fight on. if we do not fight on this ground, i do not know how we win. >> thank you, congr
of uncertainty. there are more questions than answer at this particular moment. my hope, my hope is the obama administration will exert pressure on the army. there's a very close relationship between the u.s. army and the egyptian army. i do hope the obama administration maintains contact the egyptian army, impresses on the egyptian army the need for transparency, to transfer power to an elected egyptian government in the next eight or nine months. >> thanks to all of you for keeping us informed and giving us the benefit of your analysis. nice to see you mark. stephanie thank so you much. we let ali go. coming up the bogus debate about cutting this nation's budget. how politicians in both political parties are nickel and diming the american people when it comes to our debt. as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused. so i take one a day men's 50+ advantage. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus vitamin d to help maintain healthy blood pressure. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit. one a day men's. to finish what you started today. for the ac
on the budget. >> reporter: president obama sent his 2012 budget to congress, and big cuts are on the table. the white house directer said the plan has tough choices but republicans are saying it doesn't go far enough. michael hersenburg with more. >> reporter: president obama will unvail his budget plan today that will slash $12 trillion from the budget over the years. >> this budget asks washington to live win its needs. >> reporter: they will freeze domestic programs for 10 years. pell grants will also be cut. they provide loans to students. it would be used to keep the maximum college financial aid award at $5,550. >> we are not going to be able to do this painlessly. >> reporter: not only do they want deeper cuts in the budget, they are nighting for up to $100 billion in savings in the current budget. >> there's no limit to the amount of money our members want to cut. >> reporter: the republicans will introduce their own budget cut that will eliminate 60 programs and eliminate hundreds of others. >> the current lesson funning the government expires next month. if lawmakers can not agre
president obama. wjz is live with complete coverage of this visit. jessica cartalia is following the excitement in parkville. but first mary bubala has a look at the reason for the president's visit. >> reporter: it was at the school as president obama park parkville middle in the spotlight today as he unveiled his spending plan. the presidential motorcade arrived at parkville middle in the center of technology just after 10:00 this morning. soon after, president obama appeared in a classroom giving a nine minute speech, talking about reducing the deficit. >> right now this school, parkville is preparing our kids for the jobs and careers of the 21st century. >> reporter: the president saw firsthand how the school is doing just that. >> do you guys do a lot of group projects like this? >> yes. >> i'm told the most popular subject at this school is engineering. and that's important because today the most common educational background for america's top business leaders isn't economics, it isn't finance, it's not even business, it's engineering. >> reporter: the president's plans ar
receives a $3. -- congress receives a $3 trillion budget from president obama. >> kate amara has more from washington. >> after delivering his budget to congress, president obama travels to baltimore to visit a middle school to let key priorities for education in this 2012 spending plan president oba. >> this budget asks washington to live within its means while investing in our future. >> it includes one trillion dollars in deficit reduction. 2/3 of that in spending cuts. many domestic programs will be frozen. limit tax deductions for the wealthy. >> the notion we can do this painlessly is not possible to do this. satiric we have to make tough choices. >> republicans say the cuts to not go deep enough -- we have to make tough choices. >> in a letter signed by one of the 50 economists, john boehner said it washington spending binge is hurting the economy. >> cutting spending will help create a better environment for job creation in america. >> he is calling on the president to support efforts to slash $61 billion from the current year. sharp cuts to the peace corps and then squeeze billion
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